What is the Biotrust?


Mayo Clinic is the internationally recognized destination medical center for stem cell-based therapies.  The CRM Biotrust will function as the end-to-end provider of resources and materials for these emerging therapeutic options at Mayo Clinic.


The CRM Biotrust aims to advance the translation of novel stem cell-based therapies,  To accomplish this, the CRM Biotrust functions as a facilitator of regenerative-based research activities at Mayo Clinic and as a conduit to collaborative efforts with outside academic and industrial entities.  These activities are achieved by functioning as a regenerative-based biomaterial procurer, developer, validator and distributor.  In doing so, the CRM Biotrust increases the availability and decreases the cost of critical biomaterials required to speed novel translational medical research at Mayo Clinic and nationally.    


The Center for Regenerative Medicine Biotrust is an enterprise-wide, multi-disciplinary platform that supports continuous innovation in regenerative medicine by applying best practices for patient interaction, specimen collection, sample processing, and storage. Through internal and external partnerships, the Center for Regenerative Medicine Biotrust smoothly facilitates the production of patient specific (disease and non-disease) regenerative medicine biomaterial.

Any human cells or tissues with application to regenerative medicine and surgery are within the scope of the Biotrust. Examples include cells from umbilical cord blood, fibroblasts, or other somatic cells for iPS cell reprogramming, iPS cell lines, or partially differentiated cell lineages derived from various stem cell types.

The Center for Regenerative Medicine Biotrust partners with Mayo Clinic Bioservices whose mission is to provide world-class Biorepositories and state-of-the-art Biospecimen Processing and Storage with a focus on quality and service.


The Vincent A. Stabile Building houses the CRM Biotrust and is located on the downtown Rochester, MN campus.

The Center for Regenerative Medicine Biotrust laboratory and clinical coordination space is located in downtown Rochester, MN, a convenient distance to the Mayo Clinic buildings. The laboratory and clinical coordination unit include over 1800 square feet of dedicated space for the coordination of patient interactions, derivation of biomaterials and quality control measures surrounding patient samples. 




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