The CRM Biotrust has been charged by Mayo Clinic to provide quality assured stem cells and related products to scientists for research purposes across the Mayo Clinic enterprise and in collaboration with outside academic institutions.  Currently, this offering includes: somatic cells (fibroblasts), induced pluripotent stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells derived from placenta, umbilical cord and adipose tissue as well as mononuclear cells isolated from cord blood.  The distribution of stem cell-related biomaterials are overseen by the CRM Biotrust Oversight Group and well as Mayo Clinic’s Stem Cell Oversight Committee and Institutional Review Board Biospecimens Subcommittee.  In providing this service to the research community, the CRM Biotrust biobank functions to provide shared access to stem cell-related products, increase the diversity of offerings available to researchers, and decrease the cost of critical biomaterials required to speed novel translational activities at Mayo Clinic and beyond.  A description of the CRM biologics catalog can be found at Stem Cell Banking, and an example of a Certificate of Analysis, included with all iPS cells available for distribution, summarizes quality control measures performed by the Biotrust lab (Example of Biotrust CoA).

Questions related to sample access and collaboration with Mayo Clinic in research activities can sent to CRM Biotrust program manager Zachary Resch, PhD at resch.zachary@mayo.edu, or call (507) 538-5920.  

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