Current Initiatives


The CRM Biotrust is a service designed for the shared access of regenerative-related biomaterials to speed research activities aimed to provide novel therapeutic and diagnostic options for patients.  Mayo Clinic and the CRM Biotrust also seek to formulate prospective collaborative efforts with fellow academic institutions as well as industry partners to develop tools related to stem cell-based technologies/offerings for their use in research endeavors.  These collaborations would be strengthened and supported by the CRM’s other technical platforms, fellow Mayo Clinic Centers (CIM and CIM Bioservices) and Mayo Clinic’s vast patient base as well as orphan disease populations.  Current initiatives include: disease in a dish modeling using induced pluripotent stem cells, gene editing capabilities (CRISPR/TALEN), stem cell-based drug screening and GMP production of stem cell-related products.  To discuss how Mayo Clinic can develop collaborative projects with outside partners, please contact CRM Biotrust Program Manager, Zachary Resch, Ph.D.

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