Center for Regenerative Medicine Platforms

Regenerative Medicine Biotrust: The Biotrust was initiated to advance the translation of regenerative therapies at Mayo Clinic through the collection, processing and distribution of biomaterials for the development of personalized diagnostics and novel therapeutics. Services sought through the Biotrust include patient interaction/clinical coordination, stem cell engineering and qualification, and stem cell banking and distribution. Biomaterials contained within the Biotrust include fibroblast and derived induced pluripotent stem cell lines from a variety of patient types, as well as umbilical cord blood isolates and umbilical cord and placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells.


Human Cellular Therapy Laboratories (HCTL): The HCTL, embedded in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, produces stem cells for early-phase clinical trials in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). As an enterprise-wide resource with a physical presence in Rochester, Phoenix, and Jacksonville, the laboratories develop and produce safe cellular products for research and patient care purposes. Working collaboratively with Mayo Clinic physicians to develop innovative cellular therapies, the main purpose of the HCTL is to translate discoveries into applications and provides opportunities for investigators to deliver first-in-human therapeutics to patients. The HCTL supports clinicians interested in using cells as drugs through the lab’s expertise in cell biology, protocol development, regulatory expertise and trial monitoring.

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Advanced Product Incubator (API):  The API is designed to accelerate the discovery, translation and application of novel regenerative products with the focus on developing cell-free biologics-based platforms. The Advanced Product Incubator will be fully collaborative within the institution and across the other three platforms within the Center for Regenerative Medicine. The Advanced Product Incubator will support clinical translation of innovative discoveries within Mayo Clinic, in tandem with attracting regenerative industry.

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Biomaterials Facility: The Biomaterials facility supports clinicians and investigators by providing them with the resources to manufacture novel biomaterials, biomolecules and device fabrication under current Good Manufacturing Practices. The products synthesized and fabricated in this facility are used to support early feasibility studies and first-in-human /Phase I/Phase II clinical trials. This is one of the first biomaterials facilities based at an academic center in the United States and will accelerate the development of patient applications. 


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